Cala Sveva S.r.l.

Registered office: Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo 39/E - 86039 Termoli (CB)

P.IVA.: 01458530704

Cod. Fis. 01458530704

Rooms of Residenza Sveva

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Customer satisfaction is the priority of the hotel staff, we take care ofevery aspect to provide guests with an unforgettable holiday.

The rooms, all different from each other, are large and bright, equipped with private bathrooms, air conditioning, minibar, free Wi-Fi, satellite TV and solarium.

The fragrant and evocative rooms, furnished with refinement and attention to detail, will immerse you in a dreamlike atmosphere, guaranteeing you well-deserved well-being in total relaxation.

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Relax moment

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Recharge your energy by experiencing a moment of relaxation:

Every Saturday you can request a personalized treatment carried out by a professional physiotherapist directly in your room!


Contact us for more information.


Duration 45 min


Duration 45 min

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Ideal treatment for those who want to reduce tension and contractures in more tired areas of the body, freeing from muscle stiffness with the use of thermo-activating and lymphatic joint quintessences.

Ideal treatment for those who want to release stress, recover relaxation by reactivating the circulation of the body with the use of thermo-activating and lymphatic joint quintessences.

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